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Tomorrow I meet my psychiatrist

So after waiting a month, I got a call from the receptionist at the psychiatrist’s office. I can have an appointment tomorrow. Will I come?

HA! If she had told me the appointment was on Mars I would have said yes. My scheduled appointment wasn’t supposed to be until June 11th, but I had asked to be put on a cancellation list due to the severity of my depression.

So tomorrow I get to meet my psychiatrist. And I’m nervous. I know he is well thought of,  and has tons of experience. I know this is what I need. I still have to go to a new office, a new doctor, and lay out all my problems, my deficiencies, my flaws. Why my mind is broken and needs to be fixed with meds, because I sure as hell can’t do it by myself.

Ironically, I think the combination of wellbutrin and prozac, along with the frequent psychotherapy, is starting to work. At least I felt a little bit better this weekend. One thing that has not gotten better is my frequent agitation. I may feel fine one moment, then 5 minutes later my hands are shaking, heart beating out of my chest, face flushed. Not quite a panic attack but not quite your average anxiety either. Agitated at everything and everyone. It passes after a while, or sometimes it takes a few hours. It’s one of the worst parts of this disease. That’s another symptom of depression that surprised me. Frequent agitation and irritability.

I really hope the doctor can help. I hope if he changes my meds, that it’s an easy transition. I just want to get better.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow I meet my psychiatrist

  1. Glad you are getting in and hope he’s really helpful. I tried Wellburtrin at one point and it did the same to me – amped agitation and anxiety – so I had to get off it and try something else. One crappy thing about this – the meds can be so trial and error and as you know it can take 1-2 months for each trial. Sucks. Good luck tomorrow. 🙂

    • thanks Ann. I agree, the wellbutrin is definitely making me more agitated. The appointment with the psychiatrist was okay. Not great. Not terrible. He will be making the recommendations to my GP, so that sucks, because I want it to start now, not by the time I get to see her in two weeks! Thanks for the support, it means a lot.

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